Management and Development

Management and Development - two words that summarize what Wilk Data stands for and it is not just about project management and application development. Wilk Data strives to, if necessary, lead and develop on several levels simultaneously. The service ordered, the organization of the customer and people I work with.


You should feel confident in your need for IT-related assistance. Knowing that someone will solve your problems and your needs. That you understand what has changed and why. Security and clarity.


Wilk Data delivers peace of mind by working thoroughly and structured. Experience combined with transparency allows that you as customer always get clear answers. Documentation before, during and after an assignment obviously.


Wilk Data provides leadership at various levels, both to parts of organization and to individuals. Examples of different roles I may offer: Project Manager, Department Manager and Coach. Wilk Data works primarily with the project management model PPS and behavioral profiles as DiSC. DiSC profiles may also be provided separately.

I also build websites and mobile applications. For web development I prefer PHP and mobile apps I develop for Apple iOS, i.e. iPod and iPhone.