About Wilk Data

Wilk Data is an one-man company that is founded by Khedron Wilk and has been selling IT services since 2001. With DiSC-certification I now also offer help in other contexts.

Wilk Data's main strength is the analytical skills I can offer and thereby deal with - what initially may seem as hopeless - problems in a structured manner.

Read here below about my services and please contact me to hear more about what I can do for you.


Project Manager

Wilk Data has been involved in IT projects in a wide range of markets for over 10 years and has often helped time-critical projects to reach the target on time.

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Department Manager

A project and a department have similarities. Tasks, time, staff, resources and plans has to be managed and balanced. Wilk Data has successfully supported organizations that have had temporarily vacant management positions.

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App development

Wilk Data develop applications for Apple's various platforms: conventional computer's Mac OS X, the mobile phone iPhone and the tablet computer iPad.

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Web development

Wilk Data has long time experience of building web-based systems, both for the client's internal and external use.

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Other services


Behavioral profiling is offered integrated with other services but also as a standalone product.

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In addition to project management, the company also sells other services - especially technicians in the IT-infrastructure area. In me you have a person with broad experience from many different platforms and technologies.

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