DiSC behavior profile

Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientious

DiSC is a well known analysis tools that describe individual behavior. This allows for an inventory of both individual and group communication patterns. It helps individuals to understand both themselves and their surroundings and better. Misunderstandings and pitfalls are avoided.

Wilk Data is certified Inscape DiSC trainer and educate individuals, teams and entire organizations. The education can be anything from a basic profile of each employee to a customized program that extends over time, for example, a sales department.

Examples of how DiSC helps:

  • Individuals

    • Insight into own behavior
    • Understanding the different motivators
    • Improved communication
  • Organization

    • Common description of the behavior
    • Improved internal communication
    • Improved external communication
  • Uses

    • Personal development
    • Group development
    • Leadership development
    • Sales training

If desired, DiSC is used within all services by Wilk Data, such as project management and department management.

Contact Wilk data to get a personal presentation of DiSC and suggestions on how DiSC can help you.