Department Manager

In parallel with project management service Wilk data offers department management: head of a team for rent on short or long time. A complement when the organization on short notice needs to be strengthened. Somebody who shows responsibility by using clear communication and quick decisions.


As department manager full responsibility is taken for the group - both outward and inward. Responsibility both in terms of support but also as a facilitator. The goal is to create good working atmosphere, and if necessary increase communication both within the group and with the outside world. Thanks to an analytical approach routines may be improved.


Considerable ability to listen has been proven to have great impact on the spirit and working mood of department staff, which ultimately affects the entire organization.

Thanks to DiSC certification Wilk data have a simple yet powerful method of providing staff with tools for enhanced performance of both the individual and the group.


Just as in project management Wilk Computer has experience in taking over the leadership of a group in a stressful situation and improve the state. Earlier missions in a variety of positions in organizations of the most varied sizes give Wilk Data an experience that is used both on the business side and in supporting departments within an organization.

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